Taranga Safari Lodge – A Wetland Wonder for Birds

The Okavango river is one of the most biodiverse and pristine wetlands in the world, home to more than 400 species of birds. The Kapako region, where Taranga Safari Lodge is situated is a part of this amazing ecosystem and offers excellent opportunities for bird lovers to see some of the most popular and rare birds in Africa.

Taranga Safari Lodge recently had the privilege to host the Namibian Birders Association’s Get Together on-site.  A remarkable 150 different bird species were recorded and documented over 3 days.

Rare Birds

Some of the most elusive and sought-after birds seen at Taranga are:

– Ross’s turaco: a rare resident, this is a stunning bird with a purple body, green wings, red crest and bill, and white eye patch.

– African skimmer: regularly spotted at Taranga, this is a striking bird that feeds on small fish by skimming over the water surface with its lower mandible submerged.

– Grey Tit Flycatcher: gleans foliage, moving like a warbler among leaves, raising and fanning tail, flashing white in feathers.

– Streaky-headed Seedeater:  a small passerine bird in the finch family, it is unobtrusive and has an isolated population in southern Africa.

Popular Birds

Some of the most common and easily seen birds in the region around Taranga are:

Coppery-tailed & Senegal coucal, White-browed robin chat, Red-billed oxpeckers, African jacana,  African fish eagle, Black-chested snake eagle, Various Kingfishers, African paradise flycatcher, Rattling cisticola, Hartlaub’s babbler, African pygmy goose, Black-headed oriole, Long-billed crombec, African green-pigeon are a few to be mentioned.